Reviews and press

“Queen of Her Head” (single):

“Anthemic rocker with a lot of old school classic Brit garage rock elements” – (We All Want Someone To Shout For)

“I love how there’s a sense of power to this track without it feeling overly aggressive” – (Girl At The Rock Shows)
“We like the guitar delivery, great energetic sound” – (Grotesqualizer)

“Cool old school riff here, chord progression works well! A tad too garage rock for my personal taste… The mix works well though” (Jelle Ravesloot)

“Awesome track! Cool guitar sound and outstanding vocals!” (Unique Playlists – Jerry Spoonplay)

“Nice and catchy… this should do well” – (American Pancake)

“Old school vibes! Organic drums with high voltage guitars and catchy vocals all well glued in the room” – (Buth Music)

“Lovely lively beats and great melodies. I like the grit in the spirit” – Common Sense (Silver Horizon)

“I love how energetic and catchy. The solo guitar is really cool” – (Dmytro Yaremchuk)

“Cool track and I dig the energy” -(Dylan Koski)

“An old school sound… Great stuff though, especially that lead guitar does a great job of keeping the energy flowing!” – (RMP Magazine)

“Tell the Truth” (album):

“Cracking songs”, said Robert Moss in The Independent/i

“Unorthodox rock’n’roll”, said Time Out

“Original, intelligent music”, said the recommended download in The Independent